School transport

If you are resident in Warwickshire, and Newton Regis is the nearest qualifying school to your home, then your child will qualify for free transport assistance and will be eligible to use our school bus service, which operates between Alvecote, Shuttington and Newton Regis. To ensure that young children travel safely, supervisor Mrs Louise Arnold accompanies children between Shuttington and Newton Regis. At the school children are met by a member of staff who will escort them safely into school. Taking the bus helps encourage confidence and independence and many children really enjoy getting the bus with their friends.

In order to use the bus service you will need to register your child for a bus pass by applying to Warwickshire County Council for transport assistance. Please click on the link below to download an application form.

For parents who drive plenty of parking spaces are available in the church car park, which has a footpath directly into the school playground, or the village hall car park. We ask that parents be considerate of our neighbours and avoid causing congestion by parking directly outside the school.